LocationLondon, ON
Size/Type2700mm RCP, 2000mm RCP, Dual 2000mm RCB outfall
Drain TypeStormwater
Features70ft+ chamber, small churn blocks on slide
AOTU Rating
Discovered ByAOTU
First Documented
AOTU Members present for exploration:
Umbra, Caliga, Wind, Maglor & Pdiddy

Friends of AOTU present: none

Photographs by: Umbra & Caliga

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In the fairly unexplored location in Ontario called London, large and feature rich drains are few and far between. The Sidewalk Drain is one of those drains. It starts out in two sererate infalls, one of which is submerged under a sediment pond and the other a normal 2000mm RCP. The two infalls join about 10 metres in and that's where the "sidewalk" begins (the sidewalk is a sewage overflow pipe encased in concrete forming a walkway in the centre of the RCP). About halfway through the drain is when the next major feature emerges. The numbers are rough but there's about a 20ft wide by 70ft high cylindrical concrete chamber half way through the drain. We're not sure of the purpose of this chamber except to get larger machines down to the bottom of the drain. Heading from the chamber, the sidewalk fades away and the drain takes a steep turn downwards. The water is slowed in this area by many staggered, small churn blocks bolted to the bottom and sides of the RCP. After the short slide you reach the outfall of the drain where it connects to a large RCB room and out to the Thames River.
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