LocationGuelph, ON
Size/Type3000mm-2500mm RCP, 3600mm-1200mm CMP
Drain TypeCreekwater
FeaturesJunction Rooms (3), old CMP, stone archway in sidepipe
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Discovered ByAngles of the Underground
First Documented
Angles of the Underground
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Friends of AOTU present: PooPoo Magoo

Photographs by: Ignavus

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The original CMP drain was constructed to divert Silver Creek when the city core expanded, and housing engulfed the area. The newer RCP diversion was installed in 1969 after flooding occured from a violent storm in 1968. The new RCP and the final junction room where the old and new pipes meet under Goldie Park is quite large; flooding was not on the agenda for this newer, larger drain. This drain had many more features then expected, changing pipe types and sizes, and three junction rooms. Additional trips are needed to explore more side pipes, including the small original CMP running under Alma Street heading north.
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